Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Henceforth Return From Which I Came...

Fade In:

Don't worry, I have no idea what it means either, but since I am considering adapting a public domain Shakespeare piece (why not?) I have been speaking of the Bard... or if you are from the East Coast of my native homeland Canada, "baaaaaarrrrd"

Just returned from a full two week vacation back home to Ontario to see my parents, friends and relatives. First trip since 2003 and not much has changed in the old ville. Saddest part is always the last goodbye isn't it?

Did the NHL hockey pool, picked 13/16 which sucks because I never get the good players... although I came second last year.

No message from Hollywood on the machine and the production company hasn't called back yet (they mentioned two weeks which was last Wed.) I am thinking a followup call on my behalf around Halloween?

Just writing away... and debating on whether to continue to outline in #2 HB pencil or use the shiny multi-colored pens I have?

What did I miss in the last two weeks? Feel free to email me or post in comments what you have been up to. I love mail.

Oh yeah, we saw The Departed while at home and I have to say, Marty, I love ya and Bill Monahan, he did NOT have to die!

Fade Out