Thursday, January 11, 2007

Despite Being A Writer I Also Like Reading Screenplays

Fade In:

One of the best ways to learn the art of screenwriting is:

a) pay $500 for a two-day weekend to hear an unpublished/unsold writer pontificate off a pedestal, then make side deals afterward charging impressionable/gullible newbie writers an addtional $200+ to write coverage/critique their personal opus they have slaved over for the past 18 months

b) continually submit the same dusted off-slap a new cover on it script to contests that don't give feedback, never wondering why you don't make it past the first round, never change a word, keep thinking it's THEM not you and one day your one script will see the light of day

c) buy every writing book on the market, get the hat and T-shirt, hang out in writing groups and coffee shops saying you are a writer, and by osmosis, not actually completing anything always having a work in progress, will somehow become a writer by default

d) watch the Top 10 Rented Movies from Netflix and Box Office Weekend Champ only

e) hire a washed up ex-screenwriter ghost writer who really needs 1) drink 2)drugs 3)shelter, works for cheap and won't be missed when you kill them and submit for arbitration under your own name

Of course the answer is NONE of the above.

I think the best way to learn is do, and then see how it is done, otherwise WRITE and READ screenplays. Personally, I write every day, did a bang up job following last year's resolution, batting 100% for 2007 so far.

To feed my monster when I am in downtime, unwinding, sipping my martini waiting for the rap videos on VH1 Classics to finish playing so I can crank the volume back up, I enjoy reading professional screenplays.

I have a handful in PDF format I'd consider trading to any of my fellow blogpersons, if they are also interested?

Email me

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EDIT: I guess I should list what I am looking for huh?

Atlantic City
The Descent
Silent Hill
Radio Flyer
Steel Magnolias
Point Of No Return
Terms Of Endearment
Thomas Crown Affair
Family Business
Trick Or Treat