Friday, June 29, 2007

Don't Be Trendy With Your Screenwriting


I troll a lot of screenwriting forums, messageboards, dank corners of the internet for hints, tips and latest writing trends -- how many are still putting MORE and CONT'D at the ends of pages haha (the word is CHEAT, people)

Anyway, it makes me giggle like a schoolboy seeing his first naked woman that so many offer sledgehammer advice as to how it is supposed to be done.

The latest NO-NO's going around are:

1. No more "torture porn" horror scripts

2. No more remakes of classic horror films

3. No prequels to established franchises

4. No more convoluted 20 minute long expository twist endings

5. No more regular movies turned into musical versions

6. No more CGI cartoon characters

7. No more trick sequels where the numerical ending is dropped off ala Live Free Or Die Hard, which is really Die Hard 4.

The explanation of those seven can be found on this Cinematical Post.

But what can we put on that list to make it a proper Top 10? Do you agree or disagree with any of the seven? Give me some trends in movies today that excite your or piss you right off.

Personally, my feeling is that excellent writing will prevail. If you are slaving away at any one of those seven, or three of your own not on the list, and your writing kicks butt, one day you will shine under the Hollywood sign's lights no matter what you chose to do... either that, or be hanging off the letter H by sun up... so keep writing brothers and sisters, cousin Lou, Uncle Becky (who used to be Aunt Becky, my dog Lulu, and that dude over there getting a latte...

Fade Out