Sunday, June 17, 2007

Live Insurance in Movies


There has been a movie in regards to just about everything you can imagine, with just about every aspect you could possibly relate to it. One such item that is often common place in many movies is life insurance. There are many films with movie stars that call for the death of a family member with the life insurance policies going to a wife or other individual in the family. Of course, the death is usually a murder or other suspicious event that looks like the relative receiving the money had something to do with it, in order to receive the large insurance policy.

For the rest of the movie, these scripts call for the movie starts to try and determine if the family member had anything to do with the murder and if they should actually receive the money from the insurance policy. Chances are you have seen this take place many times on film and television, and more than likely it is not the last time you are going to see scripts and movie stars portraying a family member becoming murdered just so an individual is able to claim all the money and move onto a better life.

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