Friday, June 22, 2007

I Can't Write Shit In Las Vegas


That's a misnomer. All I have been screenwriting while on vacation this week in Las Vegas IS shit. Ever try to find time to stop drinking $12-14 cocktails, $4 bottles of purified tap water, look away from the girls at the pool dropping their towels, refuse to hit CASH OUT on the slot machines, apply blister cream to my toesies from walking mile after mile through the casinos, in order to put in some quality screenplay writing time?

Yeah, it is extremely difficult to concentrate and I failed at all attempts to get anything of real quality done.

I sort of half-hung-overly fiddled with ripping apart my horror/gangster rewrite and did a new opening to my kidnapping thriller, so not all a waste.

I vow to dig in my bandaged and swollen heels when I get home (right now I am on hotel Wi-Fi in Holbrook, Arizona on my way home) and do some 8 hour writing shifts... time to get some product out there, baby.

Las Vegas 1 The Gordons 0

Fade Out